Master Lama Rasaji

Master Lama Rasaji works with a select group of individual students. These students meet or speak with Rasaji in private sessions one or two times a month and also practice the Tai Chi Gung exercises. (See Store for more information. Live streamed classes at His private students come from all walks of life. Most are focused on overcoming any and all obstacles. They know and live abundance in every aspect of their lives: health, finances, relationships and service to the world.
“As a private student of Master Lama Rasaji’s for many years, I highly encourage you to go ahead and reach out to him. Send him an email. Introduce yourself.”  Master David Paul
“What I’ve noticed of the 30+ years of training with him, is that everyone who comes to him gets exactly what they need. It’s uncanny to watch this unfold, especially during events with large groups. Each person seems to walk away as if Rasaji was speaking directly to them.
Ask him about his 3 day private retreat. They’re awesome! If you have ever wanted to gain clarity about where you are in your life, where to head to next, what is truly possible for you; go spend a weekend with him. You’ll rest, recharge and walk away with levels of insight that are nothing less than life changing.”
When the student is ready, the teacher appears.
Master Lama Rasaji is one of only 12 Master Lamas in the entire world. He lived and trained at the original Tai Chi Gung Lamasery in Tibet. This is the school that Lao Tzu opened when he left China more than 3000 years ago. Master Lama Rasaji has been training in Lao Tzu’s regenerative health system for more than 50 years. He has been sharing the system more than 40 years. The teachings of Lao Tzu are based on the the Siddhi Yoga Master lineage, going back more than 10,000 years. The power and purity of this extraordinary unbroken lineage is spoken best by those who have practiced it and studied directly with this profound Master of the art.

“The Microcosmic Orbit was the 1st meditations I was taught over 50 years ago. If you understand the power and energy of this meditation, imagine placing patches for 12 hrs a day at this center to keep this vessel open and to activate your OWN STEM CELLS! It is a game changer.
The Microcosmic Orbit draws abundant energy up from the sacrum into the brain and in doing so, enhances the cerebral circulation of blood and stimulates secretions of vital neurochemicals. It is also the first stage for cultivating the ‘Golden Elixir‘ of immortality, a process that begins in the lower abdomen and culminates in the mid-brain.
This is probably the best of all Taoist methods for cultivating health and longevity, while also ‘opening the three passes’ to higher spiritual awareness. Taoists often refer to things through symbolism. ‘Opening the three passes’ is another name for this meditation method, and refers to the three critical junctions. These junctions pave the way for energy to travel up from the sacrum through the Governing Channel along the spine and into the head.

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I have been doing the practice daily for over 3 years now and the chronic issues I have had with my back, right hip and right shoulder have virtually disappeared. I love chiropractors and feel they help many people, but I have not been to get adjusted in at least 2 years. My spine feels perfectly aligned and I always feel great. I am very active and the practice gives me more balance, strength and confidence to enjoy my outdoor hobbies that at times can be quite strenuous. Michael McCord

I count myself fortunate to be one of Master Lama Rasaji’s private students. Since studying with this enlightened person I have experienced many changes. When I first met Rasaji I had not been getting a full night’s sleep for a long time. Now I am able to sleep 7 to 8 hours a night with no problem. My relationship within my marriage has improved, as has our health and financial prosperity. My general attitude has become more positive and I feel blessed to have a continuing relationship with this amazing person. Thank you, Rasaji! Sandra Sheldon

After learning Tai Chi for the first time I decided to become Rasaji’s personal student. I committed to him and myself to do Tai Chi everyday along with some other things from his book “The Circle of Chi”. Tai Chi has helped me create balance in my life. I am calmer, happier and the relationships with my friends and family are more gratifying. I have become clearer with what I want in my life therefore I am attracting amazing people and situations that are life transforming. It took me a few months to understand the effect it was having on me. Now I don’t want to live with out it. Teresa Molina

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. He has an email address. 🙂

Recently I found myself walking through the best health food store we have in this area. The longer I was there, the less I needed to buy. Then it struck me… Rasaji’s help and 27 years of doing Tai’ Chi Gung had really changed my health landscape. The complement of nutrition, breath and movement I do daily is far superior to almost everything offered in a health food store. And I realized that my practice has raised my sensitivity too. I can now tell very quickly what effect something I take is having and how effective it is. I also was reminded that I routinely look at the recommended dose of supplements I use and take 1/2 what they say. I just don’t need as much. Eventually, I’ll put them all away… I just need to figure out how to breathe better. Oh, by the way. I have not needed to see a doctor aside from a passing attachment to poison ivy in 30 years. The words thank you really don’t do justice to the feeling… but even so… Thank You Rasaji so much! David Paul

I felt that I had been totally accepted just as I was and no judgement whatsoever. (I have felt that way when great ones from Self-Realization Fellowship have held me in the encapsulation of their pure being and consciousness.) The qualitative comparison passed through my mind as I felt the power, control and devotion as being different from what i have been Graced with. I saw the spiritual eye region lighting up with different colors…bright reds, orange, golden, green both tender and bright, radiant Krishna/Christ blue, bright magenta and a sort of delicate pink. All the previous attempts to bring my consciousness to this region had only recently begun to show me glimpses of such colors. Now the colors had a clearer definition and began to be orb-like. I felt safe and knew that I had been taken deeper than ever before in this body and with its condition arising from an accident which has made it very difficult and painful to do any sadhana. I write this as I feel I need to offer to my beloved Gurus and to the guru lineage all that I am now and anything that is perceived in me, my nature and expression as having come from them. I am what has been sung and painted and written in my being all the while washing away the stains from self-created karma. Shuba R.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Are you ready?

I just wanted you to know what you and Tai Chi Gung have done for me the last couple weeks. My wife and I have had a huge obstacle thrown into our lives, but I have remained balanced. Each day I feel like I fill up my cup until it’s overflowing by practicing Tai Chi Gung. This obstacle may almost empty it daily, but I never lose the inner peace that I have gained from my practice the day before. This same balance and inner peace that I have has helped my wife to relax in our current situation. She sees that I am not stressed out about it and she feels that she does not have to either. I do not know how I would have gotten through this time without Tai Chi Gung in my life. Thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart. I am truly enjoying this journey that we are on together. Corey D. Kosciuszko

I was dreaming last night and became aware that I was practicing Tai’ chi Gung in the woods and I thought, ‘Wow, this is so beautiful. Its amazing how well I am doing and the Chi I’m feeling is truly amazing. I began to smile and the chi filled my body, and it into light. I was floating, and could here angels singing in the background! Next thing i noticed, in front of me was a Master. Wow the light coming out of his body was brighter than the Sun! He was doing our Tai’ chi gung form or dance. As he made his turn, I could see it was Master Rasaji. I was so happy and felt so much Love coming from him. I became so light, like I could dance on clouds. Then I became fully aware that I was dreaming and what seems like an hour we practiced. He said to me, Claudia, I’m so proud of your progress, you are becoming a great student! I awoke from the dream beaming. How is it that this Master can enter my dream like this? Who really is Master Rasaji? I went outside later, began looking into the woods, the sun was rising. I could see the light coming through the trees. I thought, “I wish I was not living in Washington state and could be with my Master in the physical. That was my wish. Then right in front of me, my dream became real. There was Master Rasaji again, just like in my dreams, doing the Tai’ chi Gung, not touching the ground, smiling at me. I could not move. As if the earth was a magnet sucking me down with bliss. My body felt pulled, at the same time I felt light as a feather, no pain or discomfort. Master Rasaji smiled that big smile of his and then like a star bursting into the sky he was gone! The feeling and his presence lasted all day,. I said to myself, God bless you Master Rasaji, you are Truly one of God’s angels, and I’m so blessed to be one of your chosen private students. What is amazing is that I texted him, he was cooking breakfast in Jacksonville Beach for his lovely wife Mida the same time! I went right away to his home page re-read the whole thing and said again, who is this Master Rasaji? God, I do not know, but thank you for sending him into my life. Claudia Z.

“As a private student of Tai Chi Gung with Rasaji, I can very enthusiastically endorse his Circle of Chi system. Rasajis wide range of expertise and calming presence provide a unique opportunity for growth for those interested in expanding their state of awareness on multiple planes.Before doing Tai´ Chi Gung my lower back often would lock in a painful position, and now that has disappeared, and I can bend further than ever before. Now I am able to even put my hands flat on the floor! It has saved the costs of analgesics and doctors visits that I was spending to manage the condition.

On a professional level, I found that Rasaji’s Circle of Chi system is so profound that it is therapeutic. Many a time, I have thought of clients who could find value in the system, such as:• Depressive diagnoses;• Children with hyperactivity;• Anxiety disorders; and• Co-occurring conditions.

The mental health profession would greatly benefit from educating themselves on the Tai Chi Gung system as an integral part of a multi-disciplinary treatment plan. As a mind-body medicine option, Rasajis Tai Chi Gung Circle of Chi system offers immediate outcomes and life-changing opportunities.”

Dr. Gigi Alexander PhD. Licensed psychotherapist

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.
A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step.