Rasaji's 45 Day Challenge

What is The 45 Day Challenge, and how can it benefit your life?

See Master Lama Rasaji answer this very question below:

Do the routine below for 45 consecutive days:

5-10 minutes of reading Rasaji's Circle of Life ebook (Get the ebook free when you join) Free Circle of Life Community)

10-20 minutes of walking each day

Tai Chi Gung Basic Warm-up Exercises

First 4 Standing Exercises:

  • Figure Eight
  • Body Twist
  • Crane Exercise*
  • Tai Chi Swim*

5-10 minutes of prayer and meditation

Take notes of your daily experiences!

This might be the easiest, yet most rewarding "Challenge" you have ever done.

*The exercises listed above are demonstrated and available as part of the Circle of Life Private Membership