Who is Master Lama Rasaji?

According to Maha Avatar Babaji, the soul that is now known as Master Lama Rasaji is in truth, the Yogi Christ of the Dwapara Yuga.  The name Rasaji means, “God’s Joy” “Son of Shiva” or if you dig into the name itself, “Ra” meaning light, “Ji” indicating “the ruler of”.

Little happens in the spiritual realm without planning.  Throughout history, souls take on incarnations to learn, to grow, to share and prepare the next piece of spiritual evolution for the benefit of humanity.  The soul that is Master Lama Rasaji was before: John the Beloved, author of the book of Revelation; Shri Yukteswar, author of the Holy Science; Boganathar known in China as Lao Tzu, author of the Tao de Ching; Pantanjali, author of the Yoga Sutras and Lord Ram, incarnation of Vishnu, spoken of in the Ramayana.

The spiritual awakening in the present Dwapara Yuga, which is the age of energy, communication, movement and the empowerment of the human race, especially women, began in 1700 A.D.  It will continue through 4100 A.D.  The Kali Yuga, the age of darkness we have ascended out of had a Yogi Christ as well.  This soul is known in scripture as Melchizedek. In India, Melchizedek was known as the great Yogi Gorakhnath.

When Boganathar left India and began practicing his Yoga Asanas in Nature, he was willing to leave behind his previous training and embrace physical immortality as a student of all that Mother Nature would teach him.  It was in this moment that Melchizedek appeared to him and accepted him as his student.

Boganathar went on to establish the Tai’ Chi Gung Lamasery in Tibet. For 3000 years the Tai’ Chi Gung Lamas have been passing down the teachings of Truth, Simplicity and Love on behalf of  Maha Avatar Babaji through the Order of Melchizadek.  Master Rabbi Jesus was a High Priest after the Order of Melchizedek. Every Tai’ Chi Gung Master becomes a Priest after the Order of Melchizadek as well.

According to Babaji, Tai’ Chi Gung is the Kriya Yoga of the Dwapara Yuga.  It has the power to dissolve the cause and effect of Karma itself.

“If you could view yourself on a molecular, atomic level, you would understand that around and through your human vehicle is an energy that swirls and flows just like it flows around and through the earth. As you tap into this energy and are guided by your spirit to move with this energy, the movement that you are doing is called Tai’ Chi.”

What is Tai’ Chi Gung?

Rasaji once asked his Master Bo-yang this very question while studying with him in Tibet. He replied, “Tai Chi Gung is the owner’s manual for the physical body.” The physical body is a miracle. It is a miraculous gift of God.  But in truth, we’re on the ‘rent with an option to buy’ plan.  We must learn to use it properly or we’ll eventually lose it.

According to the Lamas of Tibet, 3300 years ago, a master of Hatha, Pranayama and Kundalini Yoga living in India travelled to China. This profound adept, known in India as the great sage Boganathar, was determined to discover the true connection between Nature and the physical body.  After practicing his asanas for many decades in China, he noticed that the flow from one stance to the next was very important. If done properly, this movement could milk the energy and prana of Nature into the physical body.  He lived so long that generations passed. His Indian roots were unknown. He became known in China as Lao Tzu.  From there, he moved on to the Himalayas where he opened his first school of Tai’ Chi Gung.  Rasaji lived and trained with the Lamas at this original school. The direct knowledge and understanding of Lao Tzu, the secrets of this profound system of health and regeneration have been passed down through the ages in an unbroken lineage from the original master. These are the principles of regeneration that Rasaji teaches to his students.

Master Lama Rasaji at Penney Farms

Master Lama Rasaji

Rasaji is one of only 12 wandering Lamas in the world authorized by the Maha Master Lama Bo-Yang to share the Tai’ Chi Gung system.  He is the only western born master to be given this honor.  Lama Rasaji is currently the only Tai’ Chi Gung master living in North America.  His countries of responsibility include the United States, Canada and Mexico.

“Now with 43 years of training and 30 years of giving instruction, I have reached a certain level with the help of my master.  He has asked me to have a great impact on certain individual lives.  He asked me to help take them into the state of power and freedom that has been shown to me.  I have been asked to work with twelve to eighteen serious students for the next 25 years and devote 80 to 90% of my work time to these core individuals that can have a major impact on the direction of Spiritual transformation on our planet.”
Rasaji lives on the threshold between the seen and unseen world, able to perceive consequences of actions taken, as well as actions omitted. He can perceive the true intent of individuals and groups.  His masters have given him the gift of perceiving the true work, or “mission” of a soul in this life.
Private students that I have worked with over the past 28 years often ask me about my bi-location experiences because they discover that I show up in their dreams, meditations and visions from time to time. My experiences like this began when I was a very young child, still very sick. I would go over to the window of my bedroom and open the curtains, and my Asian friend Bo-Yang would be there. After a few months, my Tai Chi Gung master would come into my bedroom and sit down with me. He would communicate with my mind. I would know his thoughts. He would know mine. He often put his hand over me and send me the Chi through this technique he later called, ‘Tao Chi Gung’. He would say, Rasaji, you have great things to do and soon you will be strong again like before.”
This went on from the time I was in Tennessee from about 3 until 10 years old. It was the beginning of what he would teach me. He would say, “The spirit is eternal. And with the focus of your mind and breath, you can do so many things Rasaji, even make your body whole again.” So my study began really over 50 years ago. Wow. It seems like yesterday.  I would smell the scent of Jasmine and then the next thing I knew, Bo-Yang in his light body, or spirit energy body would be balancing my chi and giving me Tao Chi Gung or what is sometimes called Shaktipat.

The first time I had a personal bi-location experience was in 1968. It was a hot August day.  I was being wheeled into the operating room by this real nice African American man. I remember how kind he was.  He knew I was afraid.  As they put the gas mask on my face and asked me to count back from 10,  I remember that I did not fall asleep.  I remember reaching out with what I thought were my arms, to let the doctor know that the anesthesia had not worked. I am not asleep! Please don’t cut on me!! As I reached out for the surgeon, my arms went right through him. The next thing I knew, I was floating on the ceiling looking down at my body on the table. I smelled the scent of Jasmine, saw the room almost look like it was filled with smoke and suddenly, I was no longer afraid.  I knew that my Master Bo-Yang was close by. It was truly amazing.  I no longer felt any pain. His smile was brilliant, filled with light. His kindness to this day brings tears to his young students eyes. He reached out his hand for the first time and took mine in his, and I knew a freedom that was beyond description.He took me to Tibet. We were there in what seemed like a few seconds. Like we were the wind going at the speed of thought we were traveling. It was truly amazing. The mountains were so large and covered in snow. We landed down in the temple and I met masters that day that one day I would meet again in the physical and study with. Over the next few hours I was introduced to many beings. Over 12 of them. I was told that each one would have an impact on my training and that when the time was right, they would come into my life. First in spirit form and then in physical form to teach and guide me.

It was so wonderful.  I remember not wanting to go back to my body. But after awhile, Bo-yang convinced me that it was in my body that I could accomplish the most good for him, the masters he had introduced me to and for the planet earth. Later, after the doctors had lost the functions of my body a second time, and they finally brought me back, they were amazed when I woke up. Over the next few days my mom noticed huge changes in my personality. She would say, Sweetie, there is a light in your eyes that was not there before. Your face shines like Moses coming down from the mountain after seeing God. I was a boy then, it was my mom. You tell the truth to your mom when you’re a boy. I said, Mom, I have seen Him! And his people with him. He has things for me to do here and I will not be sick again or be in the hospital!  She was amazed at the authority coming from a sickly kid of barely 90 pounds getting strength from Tai Chi Gung!
In my later years as I began to get stronger, my dad enrolled me in martial arts classes. All the way from Karate to Gung Fu to weapons classes. I would come home to practice my techniques and in my dream state and meditations, my Master Bo-Yang in his spirit or light body would appear to me and clean up my technique. He would say, Rasaji, not that way, but this way.” My movements would become more like the fluency of motion and I began to feel the Chi or energy racing through my body.  I was now in my mid-teens and my practice was becoming amazing. The appearance of all illness left me. I was dating my first real girl friend at that time. One day she tells the story that she picked me up, took me to the hospital to visit her nephew. We talked with him and with her family there and then came back.
The next night she was having dinner with my family. She mentioned to my mother, It was so nice for Rasaji to take the time from his busy schedule to come with me to see my nephew. Just like Rasaji to be that kind. My mom said, Really? Rasaji did not mention it to me. By now Im turning red at the dinner table smiling. My mom asked what time I was there with her. She said around 5 p.m. My mom said that it was not possible because Rasaji was practicing martial arts and meditation at that time in his room. He never left the house. I even checked on him several times. Both my girl friend and my family stared at me waiting for an explanation. I just continued to sit there, smile and eat. I knew what happened. To use the words of the Christian scriptures, and also other religious books: when you are born of the Spirit, you will begin to move as the Spirit moves.  MORE