Rasaji’s History

To appreciate the power of the Tai’ Chi Gung system shared in these pages, it is also beneficial to understand a little bit about Rasaji’s medical story and how he met his master Bo-yang. His recovery and continued good health today are a testament to the effectiveness of Bo-yang’s assistance and the strength that still resonates in Lao Tzu’s simple yoga called Tai’ Chi Gung. Rasaji’s story also demonstrates a very important principle in the pursuit of success in any healing art: when you decide to take up any healing or holistic art, find a teacher who not only talks their talk, but also walks their walk.

When Rasaji was an 11 year old boy, he collapsed in a community swimming pool. After being rushed to the hospital, they discovered that he had been suffering from a serious kidney disease for over a year. After four and a half hours of surgery that barely saved his life, doctors told his mother that he would be on medication his whole life, he would be in and out of the hospital constantly and he would die before his 18th birthday.

Rasaji overheard the conversation! When he saw the doctor later that day, he told him, "I will never be back here again!" Rasaji began his recovery with natural nutrition products, traditional martial arts training and the guidance of his teachers. By 17, he was an all-conference swimmer, an advanced martial artist, and a premier dancer. After graduation, he moved to New York City, walked with the Guardian Angels, danced Off-Broadway and there began his face to face Tai' Chi Gung studies with Bo-Yang. Two years later, Rasaji was invited to move to Tibet and continue his Tai' Chi Gung training. Rasaji lived with the Lamas in Darchen and studied at the school founded by Lao Tzu.

After two years there, Bo-Yang sent him to India to study with a Hatha, Pranayama and Kundalini yoga master in India to better understand the roots of the Tai' Chi Gung system. Rasaji then returned to the USA. He has been sharing the system of Tai' Chi Gung he was taught for more than 25 years on 3 continents in 5 countries, with thousands of students.

To appreciate and make use of the Tai’ Chi Gung system, it is very helpful to have a basic understanding of the relationship between the Chi and the physical body. The eight aspects of the Circle of Chi grow out of this basic core relationship. It is important to note however, that reading a book is not the same as doing Tai’ Chi Gung. ("He who knows does not say. He who says does not know. The Tao that can be named is not the eternal Tao" Lao Tzu). Firsthand experience is the best laboratory for knowledge. What you experience in your spirit, mind and body directly, no one can take away from you. We highly recommend that you do Tai’ Chi Gung if you want to understand Tai’ Chi Gung.