My Community of Fellow Patriots

I urge you to discover the collection of fellow Patriots that comprise the ‘MyPatriotsNetwork’. It it said you are the sum total of those with whom you associate... These people are some of the best!

The Patriot and Lama Show

The Patriot & Lama Show Channel is about bring Patriotism & Spiritualism together as one.

Our mission is to help create Spiritual Patriots akin to the Prophets and our Founding Fathers

My Patriots Network

My Patriots Network is a platform designed to unite Patriots to help make local changes.

If you are looking for more truth and action, then My Patriots Network is a platform for you.

You can join My Patriots Network for free below to access more information and also join your local groups to start connecting with other Patriots in your area.


Sheriff Mack heads the charge for Constitutionality. As Founder of the CSPOA (Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association), Richard is bringing back Constitutional Sheriffs County by County, Sheriff by Sheriff.

Checkout the CSPOA page and help bring back legitimate, legal law enforcement, working for We the People!