Sandalwood Prayer Beads


Authentic, aromatic sandalwood heals as its' beautiful scent.

A wonderful companion to the sandalwood prayer beads. Calms and balances.

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Handmade in Nepal or India, this Mala includes 108 fragrant sandalwood beads with 3 traditional Tibetan marker beads and a gorgeous tassel.

  • Aromatic sandalwood possesses beautiful healing energy.
  • The unmistakable scent of sandalwood lifts you vibrationally.
  • Brown is a stable, grounding color that helps you to form a spiritual connection with the earth.
  • The color of earth, brown represents honesty, warmth, reliability.
  • Deep Chestnut Silk Tassel is a symbol of our connection to the divine and the inherent oneness of all reality.
  • Sandalwood is a sacred wood with a lovely aromatic scent that is excellent for staying present and alert during meditation, which makes it wonderful for ritual and spiritual practice. Its fragrance is said to transform desires and bring emotional balance.

Please note: Shipping/delivery is running about 5-10 business days.