Retreat with Rasaji

3 Day Private Retreat with Master Lama Rasaji or Master David Paul

Have you ever thought what it would be like to train with a real Master Lama?

Master Lama Rasaji is now one of only 12 wandering Lamas of this unbroken 3000 year lineage reaching back to the original Tai’ Chi Gung Master, Lao Tzu.  From the wandering 12, one is chosen to lead the entire order.

Transformation is possible, in many ways, it is inevitable. The question remains, will you have evolution happen to you? Or will you be the director of this transformation?

Spend 3 days and nights with the guidance and counsel of a true master. Learn the secrets of health, longevity and regeneration passed down by the Lamas of Tai’ Chi Gung for more than 3 millenniums.

Travel to Florida, bathe in the sunshine and warmth of an ocean side adventure.  Or join Master David Paul in the Colorado Rockies.

Do Tai’ Chi Gung under the direct counsel of a Master. Meditate. Advance your “Circle of Chi”. Tansform your life, and the ones you love forever.  Come to know your Divine Mission in this Life. Why you are here? What did you come here to do? Should you be considered as 1 of 120 souls called to action: Those who will overcome all limitations, live in a healthy body 120-150 years, be completely financially free, share profound relationships and have a positive impact that reaches world proportion?  Contact Us to Learn More!

Welcome to the New You!

Private clients are accepted by Master Lama Rasaji on an individual basis. He has multiple business, personal and group class commitments. Setting time aside to mentor clients is reserved for those who can truly benefit. A personal interview helps both of us determine if it is a good fit.

To arrange a time to talk about your interests and options for advanced training:

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