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Rasaji shares all of the exercises done in regular weekly Tai' Chi Gung classes taught by qualified teachers across North America on this comprehensive practice DVD. Beyond the exercises, he teaches the 3000 year old Tai' Chi Form from 3 different perspectives. You will be able to do the Lama's Lotus Breathing Exercise which was shown to Master Lama Rasaji after he spent 45 days in complete solitude on a mountain top in Tibet, on the very spot where the original Tai' Chi Gung master meditated more than 3000 years ago. Also on this DVD, the Emperor's Choice Exercises, a series of exercises from the 12th and 13th century, prepared for the ruling class of China whose sedentary life style had severely limited their life span. This 25 minute "chair class" is appropriate for those recovering from injury or for students currently unable to stand for long periods of time. The DVD includes 2 hours and 20 minutes of material.


Rasaji's Circle of Chi Book $14.95

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Rasaji's Circle of Chi discusses the Chi itself and the eight primary ways that Chi 'feeds' the human being. Most human beings harness about 10% of their potential. The Lamas of Tibet teach the other 90%. Rasaji shares some of their insights through The Circle of Chi. The 9 Chapters include: CHI ~ MIND ~ BREATH ~ MOVEMENT ~ NUTRITION ~ WORK ~ MONEY ~ FRIENDSHIPS ~ NATURE  Paperback 108 pages.


Meditating with Rasaji Book $19.95

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Meditating with Rasaji is taken from a year long course offered to his advanced students. It describes a simple approach used by the Tai' Chi Gung Lamas of Tibet for more than 3000 years. To pray, we learn to ask. To meditate, we learn to listen. To contemplate, we learn to become. Rasaji presents ancient techniques for mastering these three core principles of personal growth and transformation. They are used while walking, while breathing, while gazing in a mirror and while working with the elements of fire and water. The challenge each individual faces in order to bring lasting positive change into their lives is to learn to overcome two things: their birth trauma and their death urge. The Lamas have very powerful, yet simple techniques for beginning this process. Meditating with Rasaji is intended for those who are familiar with Rasaji's Circle of Chi and who are also practicing their basic standing exercises for at least 20 to 30 minutes a day. The meditations increase one's vitality very rapidly. It is important to continue to increase one's grounding and centering at the same time. Rasaji explains why and how to do this in this meditation book. Meditating with Rasaji. Paperback. 212 pages.

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