Before Watching The Full Episode of The Lost Journey of Jesus…

Watch This Video & Receive A Blessing From The Lama

That really helps your energy get into the right place, so you can more fully absorb and receive the information you are about to hear next…

PART 1 FULL: The Lost Journey of Jesus

This video contains much of the information about the journey of Jesus that you may have never heard before.

As you watch this entire episode, you will hear:
  • What one of the biggest sins that has been taught about the birth of Jesus
  • The journey Jesus went on as he was a child and where he received his training (this might shock you!)
  • When Jesus was told humanity has been around for 150,000 years
  • WHY this information has been kept from you all these years
  • And so much more!

I hope you enjoy watching and listening to this episode.
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